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Newark Hill Academy

Who is Who?


  Mrs Kendal Mrs Farooq Mrs Akhtar
Principal Deputy Principal

Assistant Principal

Miss Griffin Miss Bibi Mrs Allsop
Assistant Principal Middle Leader Early Years Leader

Mrs Davitt Mrs Liu Mrs Noyes
Middle Leader Middle Leader Senior Teacher
Pupil Premium Leader Year 6 Teacher Year 3 Teacher
Miss Hill Mrs Pathiyath Miss Rikh
Year 6 Teacher Year 3 Teacher Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Peacock Miss Jones Miss James
Year 6 Teacher Year 2 Teacher Acting Assistant Principal
Miss Jensen

Mrs Worts

Mrs Kamran
Year 2 Teacher Year 1 Teacher Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Bowler Mrs Farrow Mr Storer
Year 3 Teacher Year 4 Teacher Year 4 Teacher






Miss Webber Miss Browne Miss Eason
Year 2 Teacher Year 1 Teacher Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Green Mrs Hubbard Mrs Aufrett

Year 4 Teacher

Year 1 Teacher

Year 4 Teacher

Miss Hills

Year 4 Teacher

Miss Forge

Year 2 Teacher

Miss Calver

Early Years Teacher

Miss Butcher    
Year 4 Teacher    


Teaching Assistants

Miss King Miss Leverington Mrs Bikrova
Miss Williamson Miss Wright Mrs Fordham
Mrs Cafano Mr Mills Mrs Michelle
Mrs Wolkowicz Mr Robinson Mrs Rahemtulla
Mrs Szymanska    


Administration Staff

Ms Cook Mrs Vonhof Mrs O'Sullivan

Wellbeing Lead         (Safeguarding and Attendance)

Office/Data Manager Clubs, Dinner and Uniform

Mrs Stringer Mrs Williamson Mrs Ellington
Finance Administrator Reception and First Aid Reception and Events

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mr Nightingale Mrs Mitchel Mrs Gaches

Mrs Cavalerie Mrs Johnson Miss Kent
Mrs Wright Mrs Asif Mrs Kirk
Miss Nika Mrs Nightingale  

Site Staff and Cleaners

Mr Bruce Mr Nightingale Miss Nika

Miss Kent Miss Thurling Mrs King

            Kitchen Staff

Mrs Harrison Miss Thurling Mrs 
Mrs Brown    

Breakfast Club

Mr Robinson Miss Leverington Mrs King

Crossing Petrol

Mrs Mitchell Mrs Lewis