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At Newark Hill Academy, Personal, Social, Health and Economic education is an important and necessary part of all pupils’ education. Although it is not a statutory subject in the National Curriculum, it is necessary for teachers to deliver high-quality lessons drawing on good practise and utilising first-hand experiences. The intent at Newark Hill Academy for PSHE education is to create a programme that reflects the needs of the children, and to provide the experiences, knowledge and skills to develop positive role models, who can make excellent contributions to the wider community now and in the future. Our PSHE education curriculum has been created using our knowledge of the individual children in our setting, and also our understanding of the local area. This means that it is personalised and as a result, has the biggest and most positive impact.


At Newark Hill Academy, our PSHE education programme aims to equip children with a sound understanding of themselves, the family in which they belong and their place in the wider community. In the first term of the academic year, the Year One children go on a walk of the local area surrounding the school. This provides an opportunity for the children to take notice of what is local to their home and school, and always generates fantastic discussion between the children as they discover their experiences of these places are similar. The PSHE education seeks to explore the behaviours, thoughts and feelings felt by individuals and how they can all be managed.We are aware that as children get older, they begin to recognise intensities of emotion in themselves. Across the academy, we use Lego-heads to create dialogue with the children about their emotions and how they can be appropriately managed. We give the children the knowledge to be able to make informed choices in relation to their own lifestyles — for example, diet, exercise and relationships. We intend to develop tolerant, respectful, law-abiding young people. The children in Year 4 have the opportunity to attend the Metro Bank, to get an insight into the value of money. This concept forms the foundation for understanding spending, sharing and saving, which will support the children to make sensible financial decisions in the future.

Year 1 using the metaphor of bubbles to explore their emotions.

The PSHE education lessons at Newark Hill Academy are designed using the Cambridgeshire PSHE service’s frameworks and toolkits. They support the teachers in planning personalised, flexible PSHE education lessons weekly, over the course of the school academic year. There are four core themes, and each enable us to develop our pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding — Myself & My Relationships, Citizenship, Economic Well-being and Healthy & Safer Lifestyles. The PSHE education lead at Newark Hill Academy oversees the lessons that the teachers have placed into the Medium Term Plans, to ensure the progression of skills is clear across school. All teachers are able to justify their choice of PSHE education lessons, and on occasions where teachers feel it necessary to teach about a certain issue as a result of a problem arisen in their own class, the PSHE education lead supports them.

The assemblies that take place daily at Newark Hill Academy often cover PSHE topics which allows matters to be revisited, and as a result extended thinking and expanded knowledge within the children. In the autumn term, we celebrate Harvest, in the classroom and in assembly, to acknowledge all the food grown on local land. We are aware of families who use the local food banks, and use Harvest as an opportunity to provide for them, whilst teaching the children about different occupations and how their lives differ from others. The Reception children have the opportunity to attend a workshop organised by Kids Country where they learn the importance of homegrown foods, and begin to develop an understanding of a healthy, balanced diet.

Teachers are encouraged to invite visitors into school, such as personnel from the emergency services, to support the pupils’ understanding of the diverse roles within society which in turn will stimulate the children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural curiosity. The children in Key Stage Two take part in a ‘What’s My Line’ assembly where they have the task of working out what five the occupation of five visitors are. The aim of this activity is to raise aspirations in the young people at Newark Hill Academy and also help the children understand the link between learning and their futures. The assembly also attempts to diminish stereotypes linked to occupations.

The children from Reception to Year Six are voted for and arranged into mixed age ‘Leaders across the school’ groups for school council and sports leaders. These roles help to create opportunities for the children to develop their leadership skills. Pupil voice is valued and promoted at Newark Hill Academy and having ‘Leaders across the school’ gives the children a platform to share their views to help shape the schools' development.


Being responsible for our Academy dog Margot

At Newark Hill Academy, our PSHE education lessons enable our children to become healthy, independent and responsible citizens within society. The children will have an understanding of their own personal development, and a good understanding of the moral, social and cultural issues that will play a part in their childhood and adulthood. Using a growth mindset strategy, the children will become resilient, emotionally intelligent learners, knowledgeable for the future.

National Curriculum PSHE programmes of Study


Our PSHE Coordinator is Mrs Liu

See the documents attached for Planning and Progression of Skills in PSHE.