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Newark Hill Academy

Our Curriculum

At the Newark Hill Academy, our bespoke curriculum has been designed for our pupils by our teaching team to meet the needs of our learners. We have created a thematic approach using the resources in our local area to make our curriculum meaningful.  We deliver rich experiences and knowledge to equip them to the next stage of their learning career and beyond. There is a clear rationale behind our curriculum, and careful thought and planning has gone into each of our areas of learning to allow for concept progression and links. 

We intend to have a highly motivating and stimulating curriculum which encourages children to ask questions, be independent learners, collaborate and be aspirational. The curriculum is a way in which we make the learning meaningful for the children.

Our curriculum is the driver in which we are able to implement the school's values of; respecting others, their own local environment and the wider world; being responsible and being resilient.  The impact of our curriculum will be seen in not only in measurable attainment and progress, but in the well-rounded individuals who are polite, well-mannered caring that understand and respect everybody’s differences and beliefs.

Here is how our curriculum is delivered through topics with an enquiry approach.

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