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Newark Hill Academy


At Newark Hill Academy, we believe that Problem Solving is the heart of every Maths unit.

Our teachers ensure that mathematical skills are taught every day following our bespoke Maths Mastery Learning Journey approach. The phases in our Learning Journey ensures that we plan in a logical order to ensure that children develop a deep understanding of the mathematical concepts that are taught and able to make clear connections.

There is a clear focus when planning to include concrete model and images to support children’s understanding of number; teachers are encouraged to include practical lessons in their learning journey. We build on skills and understanding in a step by step and progressive way and continue to develop place value, the four number operations and the understanding of fractional parts.

Our children understand the importance of mathematics and how and why it may be used in real life context. Each unit is planned with an engaging context as a hook to engage the children which is linked to the Topic (cross curricular links). There are opportunities throughout the learning for the children to reflect on their learning; this is to encourage our children to be confident in numeracy so they can apply the skills that they learn to a variety of problems.

At Newark Hill Academy, we strongly believe in developing Mastery through whole class teaching. Lessons are planned using the ‘Differentiation by Depth’ strategy. In every lesson, all the children are given the opportunity to build on their knowledge, skills and understanding as they engage with problems at different depths. Teachers plan for Intelligent Practice- this type of practice supports children to build conceptual understanding, at the same time as developing procedural fluency. We believe this is the type of practice all pupils need to develop sustained mathematical learning.

Carefully structured questioning, combined with exercises that employ variation, provide children with the opportunity to practice calculation whilst, at the same time, encouraging the children to think about the relationships within the maths, thus deepening conceptual knowledge and helping them build mathematical connections. These questions probe the depth of pupils’ understanding, enabling all pupils to be challenged within the context of whole class teaching because we believe they can be answered at different levels of sophistication. All pupils benefit from such questions because they encourage pupils to engage with and understand concepts more deeply.

Throughout the year, Mathematics is promoted in a variety of ways whole school. ‘Solve It Week’ is planned each year which is week purely dedicated to problem solving in a fun and exciting way. As well as this, Times Table assemblies take place every fortnight to celebrate children who are developing their fluency skills effectively to become ‘Times Table Champions’.

National Curriculum Mathematics Programmes of Study:

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Below we have provided documents and videos explaining how we teach key concept.


Here is how we teaching Addition and Subtraction across the academy.  Click here to view our policy.

Early Year Tutorials -    Addition Video            Subtraction Video

Year 1 Tutorials -          Addition Video            Subtraction Video

Year 2 Tutorials -          Addition Video            Subtraction Video

Year 3 Tutorials -          Addition Video            Subtraction Video

Year 4 Tutorials -          Addition Video            Subtraction Video

Year 5 Tutorials -          Addition Video            Subtraction Video

Year 6  Tutorials -         Addition Video            Subtraction Video


Here is how we are teaching Multiplication and Division across the academy.  Click here to view our policy.

Early Year Tutorials -   Multiplication Video       Division Video

Year 1 Tutorials -         Multiplication Video       Division Video

Year 2 Tutorials -         Multiplication Video       Division Video

Year 3 Tutorials -         Multiplication Video       Division Video

Year 4 Tutorials -         Multiplication Video       Division Video

Year 5 Tutorials -         Multiplication Video       Division Video

Year 6  Tutorials -        Multiplication Video       Division Video


Here is how we are teaching Fractions (Decimals and Percentages) across the academy. Click here to view our policy.

Year 1 Tutorials-        Fractions Video

Year 2 Tutorials-        Fractions Video

Year 3 Tutorials-        Fractions Video

Year 4 Tutorials-        Fractions Video

Year 5 Tutorials-        Fractions Video

Year 6 Tutorials-        Fractions Video