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Newark Hill Academy


At the Newark Hill Academy we have devised a bespoke approach to teaching Maths with our children using a Mastery approach.  We have ensured all our children's needs are met through this approach rather than buying an 'off the shelf'. 

Click here to see so how mathematics is delivered in Year 1-6.

Click here to see our approach to Maths in Early years.    

Below we have provided documents and videos explaining how we teach key concept.


Here is how we teaching Addition and Subtraction across the academy.  Click here to view our policy.

Early Year Tutorials -    Addition Video            Subtraction Video

Year 1 Tutorials -          Addition Video            Subtraction Video

Year 2 Tutorials -          Addition Video            Subtraction Video

Year 3 Tutorials -          Addition Video            Subtraction Video

Year 4 Tutorials -          Addition Video            Subtraction Video

Year 5 Tutorials -          Addition Video            Subtraction Video

Year 6  Tutorials -         Addition Video            Subtraction Video


Here is how we are teaching Multiplication and Division across the academy.  Click here to view our policy.

Early Year Tutorials -   Multiplication Video       Division Video

Year 1 Tutorials -         Multiplication Video       Division Video

Year 2 Tutorials -         Multiplication Video       Division Video

Year 3 Tutorials -         Multiplication Video       Division Video

Year 4 Tutorials -         Multiplication Video       Division Video

Year 5 Tutorials -         Multiplication Video       Division Video

Year 6  Tutorials -        Multiplication Video       Division Video


Here is how we are teaching Fractions (Decimals and Percentages) across the academy. Click here to view our policy.

Year 1 Tutorials-        Fractions Video

Year 2 Tutorials-        Fractions Video

Year 3 Tutorials-        Fractions Video

Year 4 Tutorials-        Fractions Video

Year 5 Tutorials-        Fractions Video

Year 6 Tutorials-        Fractions Video