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Newark Hill Academy

Design and Technology

At Newark Hill Academy, design and technology allows all our pupils, across all year groups, to be creative, use their imagination and bring to life their own ideas.   Pupils develop an understanding and knowledge of the way in which design and technology impacts the world around them, from the food they eat to the use of mechanical and electrical systems. Pupils learn how to take risks, evaluate their actions and problem solve throughout the key stages and develop skills and attributes including becoming reflective and resilient, which they can use throughout their education and into adulthood.

Lessons are planned through the process of design, make, evaluate and technological knowledge, following the national curriculum. Through various projects/tasks our pupils will begin to explore and evaluate designs from the past and present. They will use design criteria to create their own design to solve a problem and then bring their idea to life, selecting appropriate materials and tools and using their technical knowledge to include mechanisms such as levers, wheels and axles. For example, making a moveable dinosaur head using levers in Key stage one to creating a woodwork vehicle with working mechanisms, pulleys and gears, in Key stage two. Pupils enjoy creating and testing their designs to see if they are fit for purpose and if they are not pupils are taught to have confidence to evaluate, make changes and try again to meet the challenge.

Lessons and activities are purposefully creative and hands on, engaging all our pupils in their learning, and developing their knowledge and skills, through memorable experiences. At Newark Hill Academy, design and technology lessons are designed and tailored to meet the needs of our children and projects are based around the specifically chosen current topics such as dinosaurs, healthy eating, World War II, The Romans and Space, allowing us to get the best results for our pupils. This supports a cross curricular approach allowing our pupils to develop, use and implement their skills from other subjects to help solve problems and further their knowledge of Design and Technology.  It also creates engaging, relevant and memorable experiences allowing our children to develop skills in all areas and bring their learning to life and see the relevance to our local area and the world we live in. An example of this is recreating Anderson shelters imagining life back in the war when Peterborough was bombed.  Other examples of the great projects at Newark Hill are designing and stitching a handmade gift for mum, designing and creating puppets, designing rockets and testing whose can reach the furthest distance, using motors to create dancing robots and much, much more. 

An important area within Design and Technology is developing an understanding of healthy eating across all our year groups and teaching the valuable principles of nutrition. as well as teaching our pupils the crucial life skill of how to cook.  Pupils will explore cooking and nutrition across all year groups to instill the importance of a healthy balanced lifestyle.  Pupils find healthy alternatives to foods from the past and those we enjoy today and link this to their Science and P.E knowledge, highlighting the impact this has on their bodies and lifestyle choices. Pupils enjoy creating healthy meals such as a healthy lunch for the tiger who came to tea and designing a menu for a healthy two course lunch, preparing it and serving it to staff as a well-deserved treat. We are lucky enough to have our own school hens, so our children can experience seeing firsthand where their food comes from, when collecting fresh, free-range eggs.

National Curriculum in England: design and technology programmes of study

Our Design and Technology Coordinator is Mrs Farrow

See the documents attached for Planning and Progression of Skills in Design Technology.