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Newark Hill Academy

Careers and Employability

Our Vision for Careers and Aspirations

At Newark Hill Academy, we motivate, encourage and support pupils to be inspired by professionals from different places of work and environments so that they are exposed to the world of employment. We ensure that all pupils are supported to become confident, ambitious and optimistic about their futures prospects from exposure into the culture of work and employment. We develop pupil’s characteristics of learning so that they are willing to take calculated risks, develop independence and a love for learning in order to achieve their aspirations. Our children’s future career aspirations are broadened through frequent high-quality information from a wide variety of sources. This is delivered through informative interactive events, including the embedded school ethos, ‘careers related learning’ within our curriculum and delivery by external partners.


Our children are familiar with the work- related world and employment-related vocabulary. Having said this, we are focusing on developing pupil’s ‘careers related’ vocabulary through engaging careers related events throughout the academic year both in KS1 and KS2. Pupils have exposure of developing certain skills and a growth mind-set in order to achieve their aspirations. Our children are not limited by gender stereotypes. Our children have experienced a range of learning opportunities to practise and develop these skills. In addition to this, they are able to ask and answer appropriate questions about their future and areas of interest in relation to the world of work. They are learning to be committed to their own development and see learning as a lifelong experience.


From exposure to employers and employees in ‘careers related’ events, our children are being exposed to a diverse range of transferable careers and employability skills that are suitable for the current and evolving economic climate. They are developing skill-set that will make them desirable to future employers and Higher Education institutions.


In order to achieve this vision, the purpose of the Careers & Employability curriculum is to:


  1. Improve each child’s growth mind-set and relate it to positive personal qualities.
  2. Raise each child’s aspirations and broaden their horizons of what Careers and Aspirations is through interactive, informative and challenging events.
  3. Equip each child with the knowledge, understanding and skills to make links with their learning and careers of the world today and unknown jobs for the near future.
  4. Develop their understanding of what a profession is and the responsibilities and expectations of different professions.
  5. Challenge all forms of stereotyping (by background, gender or diversity group) and preconceptions.
  6. Build links with universities and Higher Education encompassing HLP- Higher Learning Pupils through homework challenges.


Growth Mindset Matters

At Newark Hill Academy we change our words to change our minds in order to achieve our learning outcomes within our sessions:

  • I can’t do it- I’m on the right track!
  • I made a mistake- Mistakes help me learn.
  • It’s good enough- Is this my best work?
  • I give up- Let me try another way.
  • I’m a natural- I improve with practice.
  • This is too hard- This may take some effort.
  • I’m not good at this- I’m just getting started.